Small Collective, No.1, sculpture, fiberglass, steel sheeting, photographs and toys, 41x 33 x16 cm, 2011

Collectivism is a neutral word, depending on where you put it. We need the collective’s power to overcome difficulties and survive natural disasters. However, if we emphasize collectivism excessively, side effects may crop up.
Moreover, someone may take advantage of this collective spirit, and cause the opposite effect. Throughout history, many extremist groups have used the banner of collectivism to hold sway over the country. In this kind of group, the individual is worthless and becomes a cog in a machine. The old people singing by the Yellow River Waterfall (pictured above) are re-living their impassioned youth but the throaty sonorous songs also contain some bitterness, due to a sense of alienation and helplessness at how their fate was ruthlessly determined.
Sometimes the tragic nature of collectivism is covered up, even given a glorious and respectable mantle. Until now, some small groups even monopolize and control most of the collective, hand in glove with their despicable partners in more cooperation. These works exhibit my view on collectivism’s history and current status, and also offer space for reflection.

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