ink, pen and water color on paper, 38 x 38 cm, 2010

“History Book”: History is always written by the people who succeed it. It reflects their needs and motives. In light of this there is one sentence that I find really powerful: “All of history is contemporary history”! History is demolished, written and reborn in the books — the wheel then comes full circle.

“The Dialogue of the Empire” carries the weight of the many literati who were helpless and terrified. After they were tried, they became part of this dialogue and took on a different appearance. Proud and self-invented, they made a lot of noise but no one thought it was heartfelt.

“Dragon’s Roar”: Dragons are always a symbol of empire, on the other hand the human spirit also is coming into existence, starting to break forth. Free thinking, human spirits are like birds spreading their wings. The Image of big dragon producing a loud roar, was part of the backdrop of the intellectuals of the empire.
“China Ship Building”: The power of the empire also touches on the area of ship building. Huge and sincere, a simple exterior, but there are many hints of its self-confidence — monstrous and tyrannical. But no matter what, this boat can steer mankind towards a civilized sea.

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