What is Revealed by the Tide No.2,ink, watercolor, mineral pigment, tea water, gold powder, xuan paper, 520 x 33 cm, 2012

1. The right door of the Dashuif a building on the construction blueprint of the Summer Palace.
2. The entrance to Amsterdam’s Oosterpark.
3. The baroque costumes from the movie Orlando, directed by Sally Potter.
4. Plants in at the Nizza Riverside Garden in Frankfurt.
5. The first part of “Spring Morning in the Han Palace,” painted by Qiu Ying in the Ming Dynasty
6. The lyrics of Angus Tung’s song “Never Forget.”
7. “Der Raeuber Und Der Prinz,” a song by German electropunk band D.A.F – Deutsch
Amerikanische Freundschaft.
8. A headdress of the highest-ranking imperial concubine of the Qing Dynasty.
9. Costumes of the nomadic people of the Qing Dynasty.
10.The interior of the Russian Winter Palace.
11. Costumes from the British TV series “Downtown Abbey.”
12. A scene from the old TV series “Lightning Goddess.”

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