What is Revealed by the Tide No.1,ink, watercolor, mineral pigment, tea water, gold powder, xuan paper, 520 x 33 cm, 2012

1. This topic comes from the introductory music in Ang Lee’s film “Lust, Caution.”
2. Paris Fashion Week – A/W 2012-2013 fashion show by Dior’s new designer Raf Simons.
The space featured a tiled floor and a baroque-style fireplace. The fashion show was luxuriant,
morbid, reserved, conservative and also very avant-garde. It is certainly worth a look.
3. The arabesque decorative pattern from the qipaos, worn by Tang Wei in the film “Lust,
Caution,” and the grains represent the grains of color on a TV screen.
4. The cover design of a Joy Division album.
5. The costumes from the video of the single “Genesis” by the 90s Canadian band Grimes.
6. In the end of the old TV series “Butterfly Sword” with Yang Ziqiong, there is a scene where
Eunuch Cao has his head kicked off and his headless body holds onto a pillar in the ruined
palace while bricks and clothing dance in an abstract way.
7. The design and construction blueprint for the “Xian Fa Hua,” “Xie Qiqu” and “Hai Yan Tang”
areas of the Old Summer Palace (just like the fountains in the picture) and its copperplate
painting style.
8. The Palace of Fontainebleau in France, the Palace of Versailles, the facade of the Frankfurt
Stock Exchange building, the interior of the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Paris, vases from the
Netherlands and selections of Qing Dynasty costumes from the 19th century.
9. A verse from “Dream of the Red Chambers,” which features a line about the character Xi Ren:
“When the aroma comes to you, the weather suddenly gets warm.”
10. A text about an old Buddhist nun who asks Wang Xifeng for help in “A Dream of Red
Mansions.” I added in some things and made some revisions to it.
11. Lyrics from Xu Xiaofeng’s old songs.
12. In the novel “The Makioka Sisters,” there is a neurotic little girl from a noble family named
Etsuko who says: “Whatever I say is right and everyone else is wrong. Why do I have to

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