Shanghai Alliance, No.21, watercolor and ink on craft paper, 41 x 43 cm, 2011

Historical unions have happened at various times in all countries. I have been concerned about historical issues for a long time and have never lost interest; history is like a mirror, it reflects the rich and complex nature of humanity. The figures in my works stem from well-known images. I combined and updated them for this project. As I see it, many different kinds of graphic fragments can be given a new look. The absurdity of framing a truth in fallacy will not obstruct our understanding of history. Rather, it will help us to think deeply and inspire our actions in the future. Shanghai is a word which forces us to pull history into our contemporary lives – closing the gap between history and the present. Shanghai is a very rich concept. The development process of Shanghai offers a microcosm of the development process of China. At the same time Shanghai is different, it has certain characteristics, like the mighty Huangpu River are which is possessed by only Shanghai alone.

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