Lu Xun Boat, sculpture, resin and acrylic, 70 x 43 x 21 (cm), 2010

“Learning from the Literati” is a sentence well-phrased – the key here is “learning” something. Literati, or so-called intellectuals, should have their own, independent character and spirit and be capable of independent thinking. The ships in this work represent ideas of sailing, navigation and transportation. Any day on the Huangpu River one can see a great variety of vessels. Living in Shanghai, one sees these sights every day, however it still surprises and shocks me every time a ship, big or small, passes by. The images of pagodas, houses and intellectuals represent tradition. These elements combine with eachother to broker a transition from old to new and to attempt to connect the past, the present and the future. The result is sometimes absurd and forces viewers to think. Literati ideas can be seen as a candle, bringing us a light that guides our path into the future.

In these works, I give the characters calm, unwavering eyes and robust bodies; they are pursuing ideals of simplicity and eternal contemplation. The colors are taken from reality, but also maintain some distance from reality, which gives the viewer room for reflection.

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