Whenever I try to Be Calm I Get an Itch video + sound, 8 sheets of A4 printing paper, on a loop dimensions variable,2012

I mean no disregard, but the currency of introspection is not here. Because we could all go find our inner peace, losing ourselves in the patches of nature left around, breathing qi rather than thin dust, and maybe it would be better than ice cream, but your harmony won’t stop the rest of us doing what we do best: the worst. And yes, you’ll nod so peacefully, holding your brush so delicately, sustaining yourself for a week on a bowl of rice, cleaning with a toothpick, your back like a wooden plank, sipping hot white tea in August and dying with a smile at age 117. But you’re not contagious and you’re not touching anyone; you’re far too slow. If you don’t know it, you’re stupid; if you know it, you’re selfish. So you’re no exception.
The core deficiency of the secret of life in this day and age is that it cannot be tweeted.

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