1974 Born in Shanghai, China


1997 Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts, Majored in Oil Painting, Shanghai, China


Solo Exhibitions

2008 “Daily Prosperity,” installation work by Chen Hangfeng, Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai, China 2007 “Christ MASS Production,” a site-specific installation project, Zendai MoMA, Radisson hotel, Shanghai, China


2009 Arts Council England / Visiting Arts, England, U.K Asia-Europe Foundation 2008 Arts Council England, England, U.K


2009 “1mile2,” Bradford, U.K “Artist Workshop,” Casino Luxembourg-Forum d’art Contemporain, Luxembourg 2008 Braziers International Artist Workshop, London, U.K

Group Exhibitions

2010 “Make Over,” OV Gallery, Shanghai, China 2009 “Every Human Being is An Artist-China-Germany Contemporary Art Exhibition,”Times Square Shopping Mall, Shanghai, China “Rebirth-800show Creative Center,” Shanghai, China “Moved, Mutated and Disturbed Identities,” Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art Contemporain, Luxembourg “Scattered Times,” Times Square Shopping Mall, Shanghai, China “In the Market,” Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing, China “A Starting Point: Intrude Art & Life 366 – Dynamics of Change and Growth,” Zendai MoMA, Shanghai, China 2008 “Artworks – Seoul Design Festival,” Coex Center, Seoul, Korea “Open Day,” Braziers International Artist Workshop, London, U.K “Made in China,” SoStockholm Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden “Video Party,” The Centre St-Ambroise, Montreal, Canada “Shanghai Attitude,” Jing Art Gallery, Shanghai, China 2007 “DMY: DesignCluster ,” Galerie Tristesse, Berlin, Germany “Rejected Collection,” Ke Center for Contemporary Arts, Shanghai, China “Tuning Boloni,” Gallery Artside and Boloni, Ming Gallery, Beijing, China “NeoSpring Creative Festival,” Husizhan Warehouse, Shanghai, China 2006 “Christmas is Approaching,” Zendai MoMA / Radisson hotel, Shanghai, China “Material World, 1918 ArtSpace, Shanghai 2005 “Shanghai Party, The room with a View, Shanghai 2001 “The Shanghai Youth Art Biennale, Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai 2000 “On The Road, Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute, Shanghai 1999 “The Brilliance of The City, Shanghai University, Gallery of College of Fine Arts, Shanghai 1997 “Rethinking the 20th Century – The Chinese Perspective, Gallery of Chicago University, Chicago, IL, USA 1996 Lets Talk About Money – International Fax Art, Gallery of Huashan Art College, Shanghai 1996 “7th Printmaking Art, Shanghai University, Gallery of College of Fine Arts, Shanghai

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